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Managing projects? It’s a tough job. Between chaotic team chats, shifting deadlines, ballooning budgets, and unforeseen issues, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. One misstep can cost time, money, and even credibility. That’s precisely where the Works steps in. Designed with the unique challenges of project managers in mind, we’ve tailored every feature to help steer your projects safely to shore, ensuring you avoid costly pitfalls and maintain your team’s trust.

Discover the essential Works features tailored for project managers

Project management is a rollercoaster. Each day brings new challenges, unexpected turns, and a race against time. Works project management software serves as your guiding hand, turning those daunting tasks into manageable milestones.


Every project manager feels the stress of approaching deadlines and the uncertainty of project statuses. Our Dashboard eases this. In one look, see which projects need you most, the ones going well, and those calling for a closer eye. Think of it as your daily guide in the busy world of managing tasks and timelines.
A dashboard view of the Works App Marketing Management Software on task status


Have you spent hours trying to realign a project that veered off course? The Projects section is your safeguard. Be it a tricky task or coordinating multiple teams, here you can keep every project closely aligned with its goals. Set it up, track its progress, make changes if needed, and watch it succeed.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Projects Feature


We’ve all had that frantic moment searching for a crucial file at the last minute. With Favorites, that’s a thing of the past. Tag those vital documents or key files and pull them up in a snap. It’s like having a trusty sidekick who knows exactly what you need, right when you need it.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Favorites Feature


Juggling tasks, shifting priorities, worrying about missing out—it’s all in a day’s work for a project manager. But with our Tasks feature, you’ve got a game plan. Line up today’s top tasks, plan for tomorrow, hand out assignments, and adjust as you go. Turn the everyday hustle into a smooth routine.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Tasks Feature


Scouring folders for that one key file? We’ve all been there. With the Files feature, everything’s in order. Store, label, pull up, or share documents with ease. Keep some private, or let the team pitch in. It’s your organized space for every piece of information, big or small.
Location of files on the Works App Marketing Management Software


Unexpected meetings, clashing schedules, last-minute changes—more often than not, they disrupt our day. The Calendar feature is your fix. Schedule meetings, remind yourself of important dates, and sync up with the team. It’s about being two steps ahead, always.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Calendar Feature

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Real-world challenges need real-world solutions. Dive into testimonials from project managers who’ve leveraged Works in various scenarios, gaining insights into its practical applications and the transformative impact it’s had on their operations.

Master every project stage with Works project management software

From kick-off to wrapping up, here’s how Works makes every phase smoother and simpler for you:

The excitement of starting something new is often muddled with questions: Where to begin? Who takes what role? With the Works Dashboard, those initial uncertainties find clarity. Define your scope, assemble your team, and pinpoint objectives, all in one space. It’s the clarity every project manager craves at kickoff.

Laying out the plan is like setting up dominoes—each piece should cascade seamlessly into the next. With Works, you can break complex goals into manageable tasks, assign roles, and set timelines. The Tasks feature ensures everyone knows their part, and with the Files section, all necessary resources are at your fingertips, ensuring you’re not just ready, but set for what’s next.

This is where the rubber meets the road. And as things accelerate, Works Favorites keeps your key assets accessible, eliminating time wasted on searches. Meanwhile, the Calendar aligns everyone’s efforts, ensuring no missed milestones. It’s your playbook in motion, ensuring each day is a stride closer to your goals.

Projects rarely go exactly as planned. New challenges arise, scopes shift, and timelines change. The Dashboard offers real-time updates, letting you spot issues before they snowball. And if adjustments are needed? The Tasks tool lets you recalibrate and redirect efforts swiftly.

Wrapping up a project isn’t just the end; it’s a new beginning. It’s recognizing hard work, evolving from challenges, and ensuring everything is in order for future reference. The Works Calendar ensures that final team meetings, debriefs, and acknowledgments are scheduled and attended. Meanwhile, the Files feature helps you systematically archive all pertinent documents, making sure the lessons learned are easily accessible for future projects.

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Before you move on to your next task, reflect on these pressing concerns:

Drowning in emails and not sure which task is up next?

Had a project veer off track and wish you saw it coming?

Can't find that one file when you need it the most?

Tired of chasing teammates for updates?

Wish there was one place to see the whole project story from start to finish?

If even one of these situations strikes a chord, it’s a sign. These are the exact challenges that Works – the ultimate project management software, is designed to tackle. Transition from reactive to proactive management, keep every project stakeholder in sync, and ensure every task, big or small, aligns with the end goal. 

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Frequently asked questions

Works is specifically designed with project managers in mind, focusing on the unique challenges they face, from initiation to closure. Every feature is tailored to provide relief from common project management pain points.

The Calendar helps in scheduling meetings, setting reminders for important dates, and ensuring team synchronization to prevent any scheduling conflicts or overlaps.
Absolutely! The Files feature ensures organized storage, labeling, easy retrieval, and sharing of documents, providing an organized digital space for all project information.
During the project execution phase, Favorites allows quick access to key assets, and the Calendar ensures milestones are met by aligning team efforts.
The Dashboard provides real-time updates, helping you identify potential issues early. If adjustments are required, the Tasks tool can be used to swiftly recalibrate and redirect efforts.


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