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In a digital era where news and information travel faster than ever, the role of a public relations manager has become increasingly pivotal to a business’s success. Navigating this fast-paced and often unpredictable terrain requires not just expertise, but also the right tools. For the public relations manager who seeks precision, efficiency, and strategic depth in their work, Works offers the ideal PR management software solution. It’s more than just a tool; it’s an extension of their vision, bolstering strategic communication and ensuring impeccable reputation management.

Mastering PR with Works dynamic features

Public relations is a dance of strategy, timing, and communication. And to make each step count, you need tools that are just as fluid and responsive. Works brings a suite of features tailored to the intricate world of PR:

All-in-one dashboard

Stay in the loop without getting overwhelmed. Track media mentions, tap into live communication channels, and feel the pulse of public sentiment, all from one streamlined dashboard that tells you everything without saying too much.
A dashboard view of the Works App Marketing Management Software on task status

Task organization

PR is as much about the big events as it is about the minutiae. Whether you’re planning a grand press launch or fine-tuning a statement for maximum impact, our task feature ensures nothing slips through the cracks.
Uploading graphics/images on the Works App Marketing Management Software

Team collaboration

PR thrives on collaboration. With dedicated spaces to brainstorm, share insights, or dissect the latest media feedback, your team remains in sync, sharing a collective vision and purpose.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Tasks Feature

Insights and analysis

In PR, knowledge is power. Dive deep into campaign analytics, understand your outreach’s effect, and refine your strategies based on real-world data.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Projects Feature

Calendar coordination

Timing is everything. From scheduling press releases to coordinating media interactions, our calendar ensures you’re always on point, never missing a beat or a date.
Works App Marketing Management Software - Calendar Feature

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Deep dive into PR strategies with Works

Building and nurturing relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers is the backbone of PR. With Works, you’re not just managing contacts but curating meaningful connections. Set timely reminders for touchpoints, ensure you’re always prepared with personalized notes on each contact, and have a real-time view of your brand’s media coverage.

In the unpredictable world of PR, it’s not about if a crisis will happen, but when. And when it does, you need to act swiftly and strategically. With Works, you’re always a step ahead. Create pre-emptive crisis response templates, quickly access crucial stakeholder contacts, and roll out communications with precision. Plus, with real-time collaboration tools, your team stays aligned, ensuring a unified voice during turbulent times.

In the PR world, your story’s strength lies in its articulation. Works transforms content creation into a collaborative art. Brainstorm press release ideas, co-draft media pitches, and gather feedback all within one platform. Version controls ensure you always work on the latest draft, while integrated feedback loops mean your final statements are polished to perfection.

This involves leveraging the reach and trustworthiness of influencers and other notable figures to amplify your PR efforts. Works can be used to manage influencer contacts, track collaborations, and ensure campaign milestones are met on time.leadership content, from articles to podcasts and webinars.

PR isn’t just about managing crises or promoting products; it’s also about positioning figures within the company as leaders in their industry. Works could facilitate the organization and distribution of thought leadership content, from articles to podcasts and webinars.

CSR initiatives are an excellent way for businesses to give back to the community and build a positive reputation. Works can help manage CSR projects, from planning stages to execution, and report on their impact.

A niche area of PR, managing relationships with government entities and officials is crucial for certain businesses. Works App can help in scheduling meetings, tracking policy changes, and maintaining open lines of communication.

In PR, it’s essential to engage various stakeholders, from internal teams to external partners and influencers. With Works App, you can segment communication channels for different stakeholder groups, ensuring tailored messaging. Use the platform to schedule stakeholder meetings, share important updates, and get quick approvals.

Whether it’s a product launch, press conference, or a community outreach program, events play a significant role in PR. Works App can help you streamline the planning and execution of these events. Set timelines, assign roles, manage invitations, and ensure all logistical aspects are covered.

Gauge the effectiveness of your PR campaigns. With Works App, you can track media mentions, social media shares, and other key metrics. Regularly collate this data into comprehensive reports, and use the insights to refine your future PR strategies.

PR is an ever-evolving field. Keep your team updated with the latest best practices and strategies. Use Works App to schedule training sessions, share resources, and even conduct internal webinars.

After any campaign or crisis management, gather feedback from your team and stakeholders. Works App provides tools for anonymous feedback, ensuring you get genuine insights to improve.

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Mastering public relations management has never been easier

Before you navigate away, ponder over these questions

Are you juggling multiple media contacts without a centralized system?

Ever found yourself in a PR crisis, scrambling to get the right message out?

Do you waste precious hours hunting for that one press release or media kit?

Is collaborating on a content piece more hectic than harmonious for your team?

Have you sought a way to measure your PR impact comprehensively, rather than piecemeal?

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, then you’ve pinpointed gaps that Works is purpose-built to fill. Optimize your PR strategies, nurture stakeholder relationships, and ensure your messaging hits the mark every single time.

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Frequently asked questions

With Works, you can manage media contacts, set reminders for follow-ups, monitor media coverage, and even store essential documents like press releases, ensuring you foster positive relationships with media entities.

During times of crisis, Works allows users to swiftly draft, store, and disseminate critical communications. You can collaborate on drafts in real time and ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

Absolutely! Collaborate with your team on press releases, media pitches, and more. You can gather feedback, revise in real-time, and finalize statements, all within the platform.

Yes! Works offers measurement and analytics tools that help you gauge the effectiveness of your PR strategies and adjust them accordingly.

Certainly! We believe in letting you experience the transformative power of Works firsthand. Start your free trial today.


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